Industrial Products List

Broken rice

UMDA supplies broken pieces of rice, known as brewers or brokens, to the pet food industry as an ingredient in pet foods.

Rice hulls

Formerly discarded in the milling processes, UMDA now sells rice hulls for the production of furfural, a chemical used to manufacture plastic telephones and as a viscosity agent in motor oil. The company also supplies rice hulls to the animal feed industry for use in medicated feeds and for landscaping as mulch. Hulls are also used as a source of fuel for electricity such as co-generation joint venture project in Arkansas.

Rice flour

UMDA offers the most complete line of rice flours available. Because of its hypoallergenic properties and digestibility, rice flour is the basic ingredient in infant rice cereals and is the preferred thickening agent for baby foods. It is also used as an ingredient in ready-to-eat breakfast cereals.