Umda's Leadership

What Differentiates Us

Wherever they are sold, UMDA's brands are known for their quality and excellence. That reputation is based on our commitment to producing the cleanest, most wholesome products on the market today and to leading the rice industry with innovative foods that save consumers time and money.

UMDA sells more branded and private label rice products to the retail grocery trade than any other company. It is the only company that produces and markets all of the best selling types of rice, including regular white milled rice, parboiled rice, precooked rice, prepared rice mixes, ready to serve rice, aromatic rice, wild rice and brown rice.


UMDA is the technology leader in the rice sector and is defining the advancements that meet the needs of today's busy consumers who want foods that are safe, nutritious and convenient. Our Quality Assurance professionals at each of our processing facilities follow strict guidelines and procedures that require the constant evaluation of products according to our rigorous specifications as well as those of various regulatory agencies.

In test kitchens and laboratories, our Research and Development team is working to improve our current products, develop new products, and find creative ways to cut costs and raise production efficiency. But while many companies develop new technologies, few can create an environment where the products based on those technologies can stand the test of time.


Through our long history, UMDA has been responsible for many of the innovations in modern packaged rice. In the early 2000’s, we were the first company in Pakistan and the middle east to package rice in cellophane and kraft bags.

Global Access

Our global reach is an important factor in UMDA's success. As part of the UMDA family, we take a world view of the rice business and draw upon the resources of the world's largest rice company. This relationship provides access to a worldwide network of raw product sources, research and development capability, leading-edge technology and product innovations.